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Il Formaggio Cocktails

Our Restaurant Il Formaggio

       Cubed, cracked, and shaved. These are some of the basic forms of ice and knowing when to use each comes in handy. Cubes are  standard and can be used for almost any drink. Due to larger size, cubes melt slower and will “water down” the drink much slower than other forms of ice. Cracked ice is smaller and therefore melts faster. It is typically used for frozen drinks because it blends better and easier than cubes. Shaved ice is much thinner and is what is typically found in snow cones. It will be used much less than other forms but still can be used for some delicious cocktails.

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We gave our best to bring in front of you some of the most popular dishes all around the Globe

IL FORMAGGIO Restaurant in Podgorica, very special place with delicious food! Thank you folks!


Il Formaggio Restaurant
Serdara Jola Piletića,
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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